Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter in the Woods

It was a long time ago, that I brought my Nikon with me on a day out. Today I realised I should do this more often. We started the day with a lovely brunch at our home with friends and their kids and then decided to go to the Horsten in Wassenaar. We ended up staying there the whole day. Really hope we have one of these days again tomorrow! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Femkeido Projects: A colourful house in Leiden & something personal

Quite some things today on my blog. I am keen to show you how I built up a project I am working on. But first I want to share something else what's on my mind. If you decide to blog, you start unknowingly sharing stuff you like, own content and other things you're interested in. You're goal is to inspire people, doing something you truly love and (in my instance) get exposure for your business. This last thing is going really well and wether it happened trough blogging, working my ass off, media exposure or talent that doesn't really matter. I am at a point where I can be proud of. I just registered the Femkeido brand on European level, so that's also a step further into the future.  This is sadly also the point where people with less creativity start to copy. Not hard copy, but copy my style, way of work, the brands I work with etc. I am someone who thinks out of own strenghts and really grant other people to have their success, this is what also brings me where I am now. But if someone is "stealing" ideas you feel it in your heart. Because you worked for it so hard. At first you think: Did I just imagine this? Second: again! Maybe it doens't happen after this. The phase where I am now: other people starting to notice and contact me about it. In a way that's good, on the other side it's sad because, what can I do about it? Nothing is the answer. Just hoping it stops. It also makes you think: is it my own fault? Because I share so much? But I will keep doing it. That is how I built my brand to where I am now so I am not going to change this due to non talented copycats!!

Now the project:

As you know, I like to work with a plain basis and add colour in accessoiries and fabrics. Her you can see how a really colourful mood started with a plain basis. 
There was already a wooden floor. We are going to put the hexagonal green wallpaper from Zilverblauw on a very long wall in this house and paint the rest grey from Flexa Pure. We will be using a plain carpet from Femkeido and a soft greyisch/ green sofa. On top of that I will be using color to creat a certain kind of balance. Such as the cushions from Hay, Scholten & Baijings and for lighting the Slim Shopie. We are no working on implementing this project, so soon more on Instagram and the blog!

I wish you all beautiful Easter days! X

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter with Ferm Living

I have to confess: I am not so much of an Easter Bunny. I am not the type who is putting Easter decorations up, and I also didn't think I would be blogging about Easter, until I received these gorgeous pictures from one of our brands: Ferm Living. I liked them so much that I have to step down from my non Easter thing. So maybe a bit early: Enjoy the Easter Inspiration and Have a happy Easter! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

My week on Instagram #12

Everything goes well here. I took a day off last week to go to Rotterdam (Kunsthal, lunch a bit of shopping) That was cool! I presented an Interior Plan at a client in Leiden. Went to a sample sale of my favorite brand: Le Mont Saint Michel (bought a beautiful cardigan and jacket) I did an Interior intake with a lovely family in a town close to Leiden and last but definately not least, we were present at Fort Festijn last Sunday! What a great day that was. So nice to finally meet Martine from Martine's Blog, Marleen from Bijzonder Plekje, Bianca (and Kate) from a Day with Kate, Marieke from Indie-ish and many many more! I wish you all a good week! But please let the storm go away...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Because we love HAY so much

Nothing really new today on the blog but an ode to our prettiest and nicest brand: HAY. How can a furniture brand be nice? I'll tell you. The lovely agents who represent HAY in the Netherlands believed in us from the first meeting we've had with them. The shop wasn't open yet ànd they had already other resellers in Delft but they saw something in our enthousiastic story. In this year we grew fast and it is our 2nd best selling brand (Cole & Son wallpaper is our our 1st) This has to do with the popularity of the brand but also because of the dedicated agents who are working on this. We stocked a lot of new HAY stuff in the shop

Friday, April 11, 2014

Home Tour: A colourful home in Melbourne

Longing for summer? Well this Melbourne based home will definately give you some inspiration! Graphic Designer Zoe Murphy lives here with her with her family. I love the way she uses colour. Really bright colours without making it too much. She apparantly likes green, just like me. Although I tend to use some softer tones, interiors like this really appeal to me! Happy Friday!

Images by Sean Fennessy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rotterdam is hot!

A big part of my teenage and study years I spent in Rotterdam. That were truly beautiful years. I left Rotterdam in 2001, when I moved to London. The last 7 years I haven't been around that much. Well... I do go to Rotterdam, to for example go to the zoo or go out for dinner, but I couldn't remember the last time I took the time to stroll around, visit a museum, that kind of stuff. Last Sunday, when we drove through Rotterdam to have a quick meal het Hotel NY after we visited the zoo, we drove past the new gorgeous Central Station and some other new buildings, that was when I felt it: Rotterdam is hot! Rotterdam is making a well deserved comeback. So that made me plan a last minute day out in Rotterdam yesterday. I didn't choose the best day, weather wise. But that is also someting what suits Rotterdam. A bit of rain belongs to its rawness. I parked my car at the P&R at the back of the Central Station (I know it sounds a bit weird to visit a station and drive to it by car but logistically it was easier to go by yesterday ;) Wow! That is what you could call a station! It so needed an update. It is truly beautiful, an architectual masterpiece. The hall with the huge wide screen and the simplicity, beautiful! I walked to Zomers. My favorite flower artists. If I weren't an Interior Designer, I definately did something with flowers. I followed my way to the Kunsthal, where I visited the Marimekko (very inpiring) and Shoes exhibitions. I bought some books at the old NAI (Now called the New Institute) and I had a cup of coffee with my friend Indra. I had some lunch at Bazar and strolled over the Witte de Withstraat. I followed my way towards the van Oldebarneveltstraat via Sissy Boy Homeland and ended my trip in De Bijenkorf It was a good day, I enjoyed it and will come back!

Monday, April 7, 2014

My week on Instagram #11

I skipped one weekupdate of my series: "My week on Instagram" due to the busy days around our exciting and successful homesale. More about that you'll find here. After cleaning and tidying up tons of stuff after this homesale I did quite a lot: On Tuesday I went to the school of our intern Liselotte to assess her assignment (she passed :)), I did an Interior Intake in Voorburg, a presentation of an extended part of the Bed & Breakfast in the Hague we are working on. I started running a while ago again and I run 7,5 KM now so quite proud of that. But the biggest news is a pitch I am asked to do for an exciting project! Whilst I am a bit dissapointed I am not in Milan this week, there are a lot of cool things to focus on! Happy week to you all! X

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Home Sale - a round up!

Blood, sweat and tears... but in the end so extremely worth it! The Saturday before the big day, Merel and I were questioning ourselves, WHY we wanted to do this? But once our door was open from 1 pm, we remembered it! All the lovely, enthousiastic people who came by, clients we knew already from the shop, project clients from Femkeido Interior, Blog followers, friends, friends from friends, mothers from school, family, neighbours but also our great agents from HAY, Anki & Casper from Zilverblauw with their kids and many many more. The first 2 hours flew by and people were standing in a queue for checking out. Today we are cleaning, bringing stuff back to the shop and still enjoying the success of yesterday. Many, many thanks to you all for sharing, blogging, posting banners etc about our event. Without you it couldn't be such a great success. Due to that success there is a big chance we will organize a similair event in September 2014! So stay tuned. You couldn't be there but do want to shop some Home Sale items? Check this page for some final discounts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Femkeido Project: An Interior Design and Styling for an Attic

The owners of this asked me 2 things: To make an Interior Design for their attic, which is about 5 meters at the highest point and they asked me to style their livingroom. Above you can see an overview of the plan for the Attic I made. Soon we will be starting with the implementation of this project!
1. Orla Kiely wallpaper 2. Hay stoel 3. Bad 4. Plaid Hay 5. Kussen Hay 6. Kussen Tas-ka 7. Kussen Hay 8. Random Light Moooi 9. Bougie Kartel